It’s a boy!

I’m thrilled to announce that our little bub was born 3 weeks ago today and he is a healthy little boy. We have settled in at home really well and he is thriving. It is definitely a very different experience having a full term baby. Here are a few updates. BUDGET Our budget is not … Continue reading

I’m still here…

Sorry I’ve been absent lately. I’m still here but have been very preoccupied with our expectant bub and getting (and keeping) everything organised. We have now passed 35 weeks (Monday) which was when our first was born so I’m starting to relax a little more each day and hope to make it at least another … Continue reading

The $21 Challenge

After reading an article online from The Age newspaper about, and after stumbling across it several times, I finally took the time to find out what the $21 challenge was all about. Basically it is a challenge to feed a family (of 4) for a week for $21. This may sound impossible to many … Continue reading

Tax Time!!!

With all my happy talk about the new financial year, you probably thought that I forgot all about taxes. With bubs on the way I began to collect all our receipts together a few weeks ago so I am super organised and have now begun to implement a new filing system to start off the … Continue reading

Planning the next pay

We still need to do a few things before bubs arrives but we are prioritising them so we don’t blow our budget any more. We have put on lay-by our big purchases (car seat and pram seat). The hope is that we can pick them up this coming pay if we can afford to. This … Continue reading

Making do

With our credit card balance now zero and my determination to keep it that way, we now have to pay extra attention to our spending. We still have a few things to buy and I still want to continue stockpiling our cupboards before number 2 arrives so it is a bit of a juggling act … Continue reading

My new budget

I have been using my original budget spreadsheet since the beginning of the year. (See my post here.) I have found this to be a good starting point even though it has been very detailed. In order to make it a lot simpler to manage, especially with even less time on my hands once baby … Continue reading

Staying positive

It has been hard to stay positive over the last month when it comes to our finances. Despite my best efforts this year keeping track of our budget, we are still only making ends meet and haven’t made the progress I hoped. This has been disheartening. We have had the added expenses of preparing for … Continue reading